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Gabriel Guerrero, MD, FACE

Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism

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Comprehensive Treatment
And Support For Optimal Health

Diabetes & Thyroid Care

I decided to open my own practice, Diabetes & Thyroid Care, to ensure that I can continue to deliver medical care to my patients to my highest standards. Even though the practice of medicine has changed in the past few decades, I work hard to keep my practice centered on helping and educating my patients in their healthcare needs.

Dr. Gabriel Guerrero with Patient

Gabriel Guerrero, M.D.

I love being a physician, but being an endocrinologist is my passion. I believe that it is my mission in life and what God has called me to do. I know that, through my work, I am making a difference in the health and overall wellbeing of my patients and their families.


When I meet my patients, together we analyze the challenges of living with diabetes or thyroid disorders. In our consultations, we seriously reflect on the difficulties of adhering to dietary habits and medications prescribed. When considering medication management, we always openly discuss the risks and benefits alongside the cost effectiveness of suggested therapies before deciding treatment plan changes together.

Dr. Gabriel Guerrero examining a patient

Our Services

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Experience the future of diabetes management with our continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) services. Say goodbye to frequent fingersticks and hello to real-time, hassle-free glucose monitoring.

Insulin Pump Therapy

Discover the freedom and precision of insulin pump therapy for effective diabetes management. Our comprehensive insulin pump services offer a seamless transition to this advanced technology.

Thyroid Hormone Replacement

Regain balance and vitality with our thyroid hormone replacement therapy. Our specialized approach ensures precise and individualized treatment for thyroid conditions.


We accept the following insurance plans

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Contact Us


540 NW University Blvd Suite 107

Port St. Lucie, FL 34986


Opening Hours

Tel: (772) 324-2007

Fax: (833) 909-3952

Mon - Fri

8AM – 4PM

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